Weazel Executive Bullies Helpless Studio Owner



In a shocking turn of events while Weazel fights to retain ownership of the brand, now disputed by Ramses Thompson, owner of Corruption Studios, it seems Editor-In-Chief Mollie MacGregor has turned to bullying and harassment of poor Mr. Thompson in order to retain the news agency she built from the ground up. Just shameful.

The horrific contents of said Cease and Desist below. Take note, what you see might be too much for anyone with delicate sensibilities.

Atticus goodman, PLLC Attorney at law
1305 Vinewood Boulevard | Vinewood, SA 90202 | 068.206.1089(o) |6958 (fax)

Mr. Ramses Thompson
May 9th, 2021
Re: Cease and Desist Ownership of Weazel News

Dear Mr. Thompson,
My firm represents Mollie MacGregor and the Weazel News Advertising and News Agency. It has come to our attention that business cards and a business application (“the Application”) of the business has been filed. The Application is faulty as the business has been given special government protections similar to those given to the Public Works Department. The application blatantly mispresents the ownership of the business and is misleading to people who would submit tips to or go to find the local news within San Andreas. We respectfully demand that you revoke the Application and that no similar Applications of this misleading content are submitted in the future to the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

The Application’s claims are provably false and overreaching. In fact, Ms. MacGregor’s primary use of the business has surpassed and outdated the creation of the Chamber of Commerce and its applications of businesses. The same powers granted to the Public Works Department are shared to the Weazel News with its ability in the city and use of the online forum for people to catch up on all the events going on in Los Santos. Both the falsity of the Application’s claims to the business and illegitimacy of the ownership of the business are more in part of Mr. Thompson to takeover the protected business that is Weazel News.
Thank you, Atticus Goodman


Weazel News humbly apologizes to Mr. Thompson for any hurt feelings or emotional distress during this trying time. If you see Mr. Thompson about town please, be considerate. He is delicate. Any unkind words or gestures may send him into apoplexy and I would not wish that sort of harm on anyone.

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  1. Charles

    May 10, 2021 at 7:40 pm

    Any comment on Ramses A Thompson being seen on a date with Jenna Bradstock? Did he help her create this fake battery charge?

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