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Incentives Open for K-Town Revitalization Effort



K-Town, the small borough west of Legion Square, has been an often-overlooked part of Los Santos. Local resident Bobby Shen hopes to soon change this with a new revitalization effort he is spearheading in the area. “As you know K-Town is a mostly ignored part of the city,” Shen stated in an interview, “there’s no non-locally owned businesses over here.” Through the securing of a private investor however Shen hopes to bring several incentives to those looking to start businesses in the area. Shen hopes to entice hopeful entrepreneurs to the area with incentives of free business and premise licenses as well as expedited renovations.

According to Shen the focus currently is, “getting a variety of good businesses that we think could generate revenue and sort of stand out you know, something that can attract people to K-Town more often,” with long term goals including managerial office spaces, billboard sales and eventually the reopening of Dream Tower, the local apartment complex. Those interested in being a part of the K-Town revitalization effort should contact Bobby Shen for more information.

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