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The Crypto crashes to $679 Dollars Per Coin, the Lowest Figure in Nearly Two Months.



LOS SANTOS (WZ) — The Crypto train of stability has faltered after the latest total showed it dropping to $679 (US) per coin, one of the lowest prices in the last couple of months.

The PALM Crypto currency, widely used in the San Andreas region, has fallen to a newly low of only $679 dollars after a strong month and a half of stability near the $1000-800 dollar mark. The previous figure was $846 for one PALM coin which was the average low range for the last couple of months. 

The last time the PALM was below $700 US dollars was on May 2nd where it dropped to $684 dollars. Since then the price has been at least above $840. 

Users on twitter have been talking about the price drop after investing at yesterday’s figures of $825 per coin, while others are rejoicing and buying now in the hopes the price returns to normal figures tomorrow. 

No one can predict the future and the PALM was one of the most unstable crypto currencies on the market until about may. Are we seeing a return of instability? Or is this just a freak opportunity to buy low and sell high? 

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