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Police Officers Held Hostage as Negotiations Become a Tragic Shooting



LOS SANTOS (WZ) — Another day of violent crime in the state as Police officers are held against their will as leverage.

Around 10:45pm on Saturday police issued a general advisory to alert citizens to stay away from the Hawick Fleeca establishment. Initially it was thought to have been another bank robbery however vision on the ground clearly changed this story. It’s evident from the video that officers were being held hostage by members of a gang in order to leverage the release of gang members who had already been arrested. 

For twenty minutes the streets fell silent as police negotiated the safe return of their colleagues and to ensure public safety was kept intact. An exchange was set up and one by one the officers were returned as gang members were being released to their fellow gang members. The gang members then attempted an escape when officers opened fire on the vehicle.

A pursuit took place around the metro area with multiple police cars in constant pursuit. The pursuit ended in downtown Davis where shots were heard. A large police presence accumulated in Grove Street as a firefight in the street took place. It’s not known how many officers, gang members and innocent bystanders were injured, however, the amount is high evident by the count of ambulances seen streaming into the Davis area. 

The Los Santos Police Department has declined to make a comment when requested at Mission Row. A number of gang members were arrested and seemly taken to Mission Row, it’s unclear how many have been arrested and/or charged. 

Stay with Weazel News as we learn more about this story…

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