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Public Works Threatened by Criminal Organization



Public Works has recently come under serious threat by a strange criminal organization calling themselves the Founders. The founders appear to be a group of three to five misfits possibly lead by a man named Alfonso who commit acts of organized crime and violence. Little is known about their members or their greater motive but the harm they are causing Public Works is clear.

         The founder’s threat to public works may have begun as a random attack by a man named Ralph, a possible member of the Founders who attacked a tow driver with an axe over a possible verbal dispute. According to members of Public Works when Ralph was arrested for the attack he was found to have illegal contraband in his vehicle which was seized by the police, some of which was owned by another member of the Founders named Alfonso. In retaliation for the seizing of the items in his associate’s car Alfonso began leading daily attacks against members of Public Works as restitution. “He attacked one of our drivers in the desert, stabbing him,” Public Works member Bevans Garvy recalls, “He uses the 211-tow system to lure drivers out and abuses them.” Other attacks included the abduction of a driver who was left in a coma after the ordeal and an attack on another tow driver that left him with several broken ribs.

         While the origins of the Founder’s conflict with public works may be dubious the threat they pose is anything but. Several members of public works have been seriously injured while they have received little aid from the police. “We don’t have much faith in the investigation,” one member of public works admitted, adding that they hoped spreading the word about the attacks would help the safety of the drivers. If you have any information on the Founders and would like to make an anonymous tip a hotline has been set up at the number 0669710286.

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