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ADA Running for State Rep Gunned Down



In the latest in a string of violent incidents in our fair city, Assistant District Attorney Mohn Nash has been shot in an incident at River City Customs on the evening of the 17th August 2021. 

Mr Nash, who is running for state representative in the upcoming fall elections, was relaxing with friends outside of the popular mechanic shop, dancing and smoking cigarettes. The peaceful scene soon turned violent however, when four men dressed in black and wearing masks appeared on the rooftop adjacent to the garage and began raining down bullets. Mr Nash was hit 8 times, and is lucky to be alive, thanks mostly to the fact he was wearing a bulletproof vest and receiving excellent medical care from the staff at Mount Zonah hospital. 

The motive for the attack remains unclear, although Mr Nash and his associates are concerned that they may have been targeted due to Mr Nash’s political ambitions. While this could well be the case, there has been ongoing violence at River City Customs over the last few days due to a dispute involving one of the proprietors of the business and the Devil’s Disciples Motorcycle Club. 

It should be noted though that Mr Nash’s friends had apparently held a meeting with members of the MC and were told that warning would be given before any action was taken at the mechanic shop. This would lend further credence to the suggestion that this was a targeting attack on the ADA. 

While it would be reasonable to think that Mr Nash’s involvement with criminal cases could be behind the attack, when asked Mr Nash was dismissive of this idea, claiming he had no current cases on the docket under his name. He also couldn’t think of anyone holding a grudge for a past conviction. 

Whether this was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a targeted attack designed to throw off a political campaign, one thing can be certain: Los Santos remains a dangerous place to live and work which doesn’t appear to be getting safer anytime soon. 

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