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Shock Announcement from the Famiglia Cab Co.



MIRROR PARK (WZ) — A Shock announcement happened on Monday, with Owner and Founder of the company, Tony Moretti, announcing his sudden retirement from the company to work on future projects.

Famiglia Cab Company is a household name across Los Santos, everyone has seen their Brown and Yellow cabs zipping across our streets and highways, the man behind all of this company, Tony Moretti is known by colleagues as a ‘honest family man’ who always puts 110% behind whatever he starts. He made the cab company one of the most successful companies in Los Santos and today’s announcement comes as a sudden shock to the system.

In a public statement in front of friends, family and colleagues he announced the shock decision to leave the company. You can tell the kind of person Tony is by the fact the announcement ended in a giant group hug. Valentin Romanov has been named as his successor.

UPDATE: Mr. Moretti sent out this press release earlier today:

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