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Fall 2021 Elections

Political Watch Fall Election Edition #2



Welcome to the Second edition of the Fall Election Political Watch. We are going to talk about the candidates and talk about the latest polling results. Voting commences on September 2nd at 8pm (est) and concludes on Sept 6th at the same time. Having your voice heard is critical to our democracy so get out and vote, regardless of who you are voting for!

Kash Keller is not running for re-election in the Legislature. James Paxton and Josh Ford, both state representatives, are seeking election to the highest office in the state instead of re-election to the Legislature. Candidates Lee Li for Governor and Nikolai Stanislav for Representative have withdrawn from their respective election campaigns and won’t be included in this list or the final election ballot.

Round Two polling is available after the candidates section of this article

Governor Candidates

Listed in alphabetical order

James Paxton (Running Mate: Josh Ford) – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundJames Paxton is the Speaker of the 1st San Andreas Congress. He has served as a Representative since May 2021. Previously was a realtor before entering politics. Major contributor to the legislative process of this state and has authored over 20 bills which have become laws.

Josh Ford is currently a Representative in the 1st San Andreas Congress. He has served as a Representative since July 2021 after the  special election took place. He also worked in the judiciary as a Circuit Court Judge until being elected.
Campaign Promises-Mandate monthly cabinet meetings
-Support Government Departments goals 
-Designate Vespucci Beach a State Park, to allow more funding for the beach
-Designate June 27th as a State Holiday called “Pride Day”
-Encourage communication and transparency with the public
-Work directly with the Department of Corrections
-Work with the Department of Commerce and Labor on incentives to boost economic activity in the County.
-Liaise with business owners to have new arrivals in the state receive better job opportunities 

Justine Stiletto (Running Mate: Vlad Tod) – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundJustine Stiletto previously worked as an attorney with Eli Goodman for a number of months. Notably working representing Hans De Luca in his case in April and the infamous Jenna Bradstock v. Charlie Bradstock civil court case in May. Was key in the establishment of Public Defenders Office.
Vlad Tod is the owner of the Paradise Club and Resort (according to records) and a member of the Department of Commerce and Labor. 
Campaign Promises-Introduction of far reaching Anti-Corruption Measures
-Reforming the Prison System to incorporate Rehabilitation 
-Reform the Medical record system to allow elected persons to receive medical records
-Reforming the business system to simplify the establishing process
-Create a ‘Secret Service’ to help protect Public Officials
-Prevent government officials from having ‘lifetime’ appointments
-Create a Special Council of special prosecutors, who will investigate government employee corruption.

State Representative Candidates

Listed in alphabetical order

Becks Lawson – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundBecks Lawson is currently a Representative in the 1st San Andreas Congress and was elected in July 2021. She is the founder of CLOUT, a lifestyle magazine/brand and previously worked for CNT. 
Campaign Promises-Increase Government Transparency
-Continue work as Press Secretary
-Building Government Infrastructure
-Supporting Local Businesses
-Creating On pipelines for effective communication

Caster Taylor – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundCaster Taylor is the owner of the Burger Shot in Del Perro. He started the business to help people who were unable top find jobs. He moved to Los Santos in Early 2021
Campaign Promises-Reform the Business licensing system to make it easier to open a business
-Introduce more business stimulus packages
-Review and Revise the Criminal Code which includes:
-Alternative Punishments
-Reviewing the cause of crime to help combat it
-Reviewing the current codes
-More Agency Oversight
-Audit Process to prevent department overreach

Endeavor Jackson – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundEndeavor Jackson is currently a representative of the 1st San Andreas Congress. He has served as a Representative since May 2021. He is currently the Legislative Treasurer and his campaign is consistent with monetary safe ideas. One of the most critical pieces of legislation for information security is the Medical Patient Act which he wrote in June. 
Campaign Promises-Business and Economic Right Security
-Expanding banking rights and
-Pro Gun legislation
-Supporting hunting and lawful Gun Ownership under the 2nd amendment
-More services such as EMS and Police in Paleto
-Pro Housing-Development
-More house availability across the state to promote purchasing a house rather than renting forever

James Nark – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundJames Nark previously ran (unsuccessfully) in the Summer Special Election, he is also an employee at Public Works. 
Campaign Promises-Engaging Employment
-Help business get employees and help business create jobs
-Boosting economics across the state via Businesses

Mohn Nash – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundMohn Nash is a current member of the Department of Justice as an Assistant District Attorney, he ran unsuccessfully in the Summer Special Election. Mohn Nash is an active supporter of countless businesses across the state. Cockatoos Bar in Vinewood frequent sponsor of this candidate. 
Campaign Promises-Freedoms for small Businesses (including Small Business Reform)
-Expanding bank account rights
-Door locking mechanisms on public buildings
-Legal methods to permit racing
-Create a system to permit Racing in circumstances
-Restaurant Operation Reform
-Formulating prices to better boost citizen owned stores 
-Transparency in Real Estate
-Higher Medical Worker Pay

William Benning – No Party Affiliation/ Independent

BackgroundWilliam Benning previously ran for the special election however withdrew after some controversial tweets were made. Has noted to Weazel News that he endorses the Stiletto/Tod Campaign for Governor
Campaign Promises-Revamp on Reckless Driving Laws in the state
-Introduction of his own Animal Control Act
-It covers, capturing stray domesticable animals and putting them in adoption centres or treatment care homes
-Opening an Ark or Themed Cat Cafe
-Supporting the Mobile Veterinary Service
-Halving the Salary of State Representatives
-Reinstate Ryan Avery as an MRPD Janitor
-Treating 4Way Traffic Lights as 4Way Stop Signs in the City

The Governor’s Debate

After multiple setbacks the Governor’s Debate went ahead on the 1st of September. Six important questions were asked touching upon multiple issues across the state. The debate can be found here [Debate Video Link]

Round Two of the Weazel News Election Polls

Firstly, on behalf of everyone at Weazel we thank everyone who took the time to fill out the political survey we conducted. It’s been a massive help to our election coverage.

The Governors race finally had it’s debate, and the results of the debate are not conclusive since it was so late in the race. We have only seen a small swing away from the Paxton Vote, however this could be to increase advertising by the Stiletto Campaign over the last couple of days. Paxton Voters are still more likely to vote for Becks and Endeavour as their first preference State Representative. Stiletto voters are more likely to vote for Caster and William Benning as their first preference. Both Paxton and Stiletto voters voted in an equal total for Mohn Nash.  

From the One Person Prefered vote and using preference analysis the polling data estimates that

Caster Taylor, Mohn Nash, James Nark, Endeavour Jackson and Becks Lawson will all get seats. However the polling data has seriously changed with a major swing towards Caster Taylor in this with the departure of Nikolai Stanislav. One thing is clear, if the person voted for Nikolai Stanislav in the previous poll, they voted for Caster Taylor when Nikolai Stanislav dropped out, boosting his numbers. There has also been a swing away from Becks Lawson’s 1 person preferred vote after some serious rumors have done a full circle around the state.

How to Vote

Voting begins at 8pm on the 2nd of September, at City Hall in Del Perro, GET OUT AND VOTE! Voting closes on September 6th at 8pm.

Voting in this state now works on the preferential system, in order to vote you will need to go to City hall and talk to one of the ballot collectors at the front desk, they will hand you a card, you will then need to drag names from the selection box in the preference you want them elected. You only need to select one candidate, or you could select all the candidates and put them in a preference order. 

The card next to this is an example of what the card looks like, you just need to put names in the boxes and more ranks will appear.

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