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Helicopter Incident in East Los Santos



EAST LOS SANTOS (WZ) — Flight Authority has released a new Report on the Helicopter Incident which occurred over River City Customs on the 14th. 

The report states that an unlicensed pilot flew a helicopter from an unknown starting point to River City Customs which is located in East Los Santos, the pilot then proceeded to attempt a landing near the customs shop, however while attempting a landing the helicopter struck a lamp post which caused the helicopter to crash into the ground. 

The report cites that; 

“The black box shows no failure on the part of the helicopter, showing it was strictly pilot error that could have led to the death of several people, including himself. While the intent is unknown thus far for his motives, it is clear that he poses a threat in the sky not only to himself, but people on ground level as well.”

The report then goes on asking that the unlicensed pilot be placed on a ‘No Fly List’ and that this was an A class emergency scenario.

We contacted Chief Pilot Jack Callow for more information about this incident, here is what he had to say.

  • No one appeared to be hurt from the incident besides the Pilot.
  • We are unaware how he managed to get the helicopter. Our engineers have made the helicopters and airplanes of this city incapable to hotwire, lockpick, or advanced lockpick. He may have received keys from a local pilot since there were zero rentals of the designated helicopter that was used.
  • The helicopter was completely blown up, no fire spread beyond the point of impact. It impacted right past the fence in front of River City Customs, behind the empty containers.
  • Class A scenarios are one of the 5 designations we use for emergency situations. A Class Scenarios are reserved for planes crashing, injuries or other unwanted events that may occur designated between pilot error or mechanical issues. 

Since the incident occured, Charges have been filed by law enforcement against the pilot for “Flying without a License, Violation of a No Fly Zone, Joyriding, Unlawful possession of a Class 1 Firearm, Terroristic Act.

The court file states that two people were injured, the pilot and a unnamed security guard.

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