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Political Watch: 21st of September



The Government is back to work, The governor this last week  announcing two new executive orders, and drafting four new acts and amendments. 

A Press release was send out today by Representative Lawson, which says:

Hello, citizens of San Andreas! As we transition into a second congress under Governor James Paxton, the state government has assembled and written a press release so that you are aware of the most recent happenings around the state.
Congratulations to Endeavour Jackson, Becks Lawson, Mohn Nash, William Benning, James Nark for being elected to represent the population as part of the new state government. Mr. Jackson will be serving as Speaker of the Legislature, and Mohn Nash will be the Treasurer, while Becks Lawson will serve as Secretary of the Legislature.
The cabinet was further filled out with Remy Fitzgerald as the new Secretary of State, while Karmen Rowe is the new Chief of Staff. The legislature also ensured that Brandon Davis and Chris Solace were appointed as the heads of the LSPD and BCSO respectively. Finally, Poppy Hill was sworn in as the head ranger of the SAPR.
The cabinet has been fully assembled, and we are excited to get to work on creating a better San Andreas that meets the needs of her citizens.
While it’s early days yet, the state government has already made strides towards success. Our early efforts include:
1) Enshrining the San Andreas Constitution, which includes a Bill of Rights for citizens.
2) Working with the Department of Commerce and Labor to create a more remote application and payment process, to reduce the amount of time citizens need to wait for a meeting with a DoCL member.
3) Issuing two executive orders to create state parks, giving people a space to enjoy and appreciate San Andreas’ natural beauty.
4) Bringing the Department of Justice in line with other government departments.
5) Allowing the Public Defender’s Office to remove employees inactive, unprofessional, or otherwise unsuited for the position.
We intend to continue taking decisive measures to re-organize and better the state government, and in turn, the state of San Andreas.
We will be having a public Town Hall on Wednesday, September 22nd at 9PM Eastern. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, I encourage you to attend the meeting and we will do our best to help you in whatever way we can.

Legislation Watch

Representative Jackson has put forward four pieces of legislation. There are currently five pieces of legislation pending. One being H.R. 034 which has been under consideration for a record 48 days.

The new bills are the following;

H.R. 035 Amendments to H.R. 004 – The San Andreas Flight Regulations Act of 2021

  • This bill amends the SAFA act
  • It changes Fight Restrictions terminology regarding passenger counts
  • It adds two new Certifications, Media and Commercial, costing $3000 or $5000 
  • This bill has not been voted on

H.R. 036 – The Department of Justice Restructuring Act

  • This bill moves the Department of Justice under the State’s Attorney Office rather than it’s own separate entity
  • It reorganises the Attorney General’s Office and District’s Attorney office under one office, the States Attorney office.
  • It amends HR 001, 003, and 006 to remove mention of the offices that are being amalgamated. 
  • This Bill has not been voted on

H.R. 037 Amendments to H.R. 010 The Public Defenders Act of 2021

  • This bill amends H.R. 010 – The Public defenders Act
  • It moves the Public Defender’s office to the Executive branch, it was previously in the Judicial Branch.
  • A line in Section 8. Has been removed, it previously said “and act completely independently of any other government influence”
  • The Removal process has been changed, removing the consideration of a “lifetime appointment” for the lead role of State Public Defender
  • This bill has not be voted on

HR. 038 Amendments to the San Andreas Criminal Code, September 2021

  • Makes a number of amends to the Criminal Code, amendments include;
    • Changes to False Impersonation of a Government Official / Attorney wording
    • It removes the requirement that the act to be a crime must be done in order to demand or obtain any money, paper, document or other item
  • This bill has not been voted on

That’s all for Political Watch this week, if you have any information we have a tipline!

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