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September Government Town Hall



DEL PERRO (WZ) — Today the Government held its Third Town Hall, here is the full video and a condensed list of updates that have been announced by various departments.

Governor’s Office

  • Governor Office is going to be hosting some Business, Entertainment events in the future to bring people together and hold more opportunities to be fielded questions in the future

Law Enforcement

  • Hiring is underway, officials were not in attendance until the end of the town hall
  • New officers are out on the street, plenty of training happening


  • Mohn Nash, William Benning and James Nark have joined the Second Congress and Becks welcomes them
  • The Legislature is focusing on finishing the First Congress’s unfinished work and starting on new ventures
  • The Conflict of Interest Act (HR. 34) is still in the works, Becks Lawson confirms it was put on the back burner however work is now continuing on. 

Park Rangers Department

  • Hiring process is continuing however at a rate that won’t overflow the recruitment process
  • Public Events will be occurring in October and November, more to be release soon
  • The Department is expanding into divisions
    • Law Enforcement Division
    • Pet and Wildlife Division
      • Volunteers are welcome for this division
    • Coast Guard Division
  • Hunting Clubs are asked to give their info the the Parks Leadership so the department can better work with clubs

Department of Justice

  • Hiring is underway for Bar Certified persons
  • The DOJ has undertaken some notable cases recently
  • HR. 36 has been put into the legislature for debate, it will be reforming the Department of Justice: Read more here 
  • The restructuring is a result of two departments doing the same thing, they are being merged to help ‘streamline things’

Department of Commerce and Labor

  • The Department is changing multiple things upon feedback from Business and the Public
    • Business Licences
      • Fees and Tax are now Recurring fees, they occur 31 days after the last fee was paid. Automated Notifications will be sent before an invoice is requested.
    • Premise Licences 
      • Monthly Fees are now Recurring fees, they occur 31 days after the last fee was paid. Automated Notifications will be sent before an invoice is requested.
      • Social clubs must wait a minimum of three weeks before applying for a premises
    • More info about the recurring fees will be available soon
    • An interactive map is coming soon showing where business are so you will be able to find businesses, the map should be a couple of days away

San Andreas Flight Administration

  • Over 150 people have been certified to fly
  • Compensating Licencing available for some departments which need pilots to operate
  • Silver Hawks are “quite fantastic.”
  • Focus on ATC and Ground Crew communications
  • Please inform SAFA if you intent on hosting a race on an airstrip
  • The incident of a stolen helicopter is being addressed, criminal proceedings were opened against the alleged thief
  • Training requirements are changing for EMS/Law Enforcement Pilots


  • Civil procedure rules are being rewritten and brought in line with the new Constitution
  • Bankruptcy procedures have been formalised for anyone who needs to declare bankruptcy 

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