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BREAKING: Articles of Impeachment to be drafted against Representative Benning after Arrest Warrants



DEL PERRO (WZ) — Rumors which started last week have finally been proven correct, Representative Benning has been detained by Law Enforcement because of two arrest warrants and articles of impeachment are being drafted by the Legislature.

In a verbal statement Legislature Speaker Jackson announced:

We can announce that today, Wiliam Benning was detained by law enforcement after two warrants were issued for his arrest. Now that criminal charges have been filed, we will begin the impeachment process. This is obviously a delicate matter, We will be working with branches of government in order to battle back corruption. The state of San Andreas will always stand against officials who will not work in the best interest of the people, and Mr. Benning now faces serious charges. We cannot provide further comments due to the upcoming trials and investigation, but we want to keep the people of the state in the loop on these matters and will share more details in the coming days. Any questions will go to our house secretary.

Impeachment Articles and a trial will take some time, the articles are laid against a representative and then voted on, requiring a 4/4 vote from the legislature in order to impeach. To convict a trial will need to take place.


Representative Benning has released a statement in response

I find it saddening and disheartening that I was arrested last evening for charges that I did not commit.  I emphatically deny all of them and that I am innocent.  I also find it disheartening that Becks Lawson has called for my Impeachment even before the ink has dried on my “arrest” report.  Becks wants to forget that she has also been accused once before of putting hits out on a few citizens within the State, and that I am innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law, and I ask that the city, for whose citizens I have faithfully served, keep an open mind and not judge me for things that I have NOT done.  I may run hot at times, but that is my personality, and I will always continue to not only fight for myself, but for each and every citizen within the state, even those who have falsely accused me of wrongdoing.  Thank You.

States Attorney have filed charges against William Benning, the are the following:

x1 Count of Reckless Endangerment

x1 Count of Corruption

x1 Count of Bribery

x1 Count of Uttering Threats

x1 Count of Disturbing the Peace

The warrant was signed on the 30th of October and the warrant request alleges a number of issues.

An anonymous source has argued that the arrest, made by Park Rangers, was allegedly unlawful as the scope of the Park Rangers doesn’t cover the matters alleged in the warrant. Therefore the execution of the warrant was compelled improperly if the allegations are true.

We have reached out to the States Attorney Office on the matter and they have replied that they are preparing a response to the issue. 

I will be preparing a more thorough statement to be sent out over the next day. In the meantime the State will say the arrest was completely legal. A full brief will be sent out from my office regarding this arrest and why the manner and methods were taken, as well as case law to show the legality of said arrest. I do not see any further issues

4th November Update: Representative Benning wrote to the judge on the public site stating:

I have been languishing here watching person after person being released on much higher crimes than I am being accused of. I have also learned that there is a concerted effort, without any evidence, a crusade led by Becks Lawson is trying to impeach me from my position as State Representative without due process. My own lawyers don’t even have the paperwork regarding my case, yet I also learned that my fellow representatives have certain details about this case which I believe violates the chain of evidence procedures.

He also asked that a bail hearing be established, which is now being scheduled.

Lawyers representing Mr. Benning have filed a motion to dismiss the criminal case with prejudice. Citing that the park rangers, “arrested Representative Benning without proper legal authority, by being outside the scope, responsibilities, and jurisdiction outlined for the San Andreas Parks Department.” 

Stay with Weazel News as we bring you more on this story…

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1 Comment


    November 3, 2021 at 4:49 am

    u should see what becks does in her spare time………….

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