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November 11th is Veterans Day, a day where we remember our Veteran Heroes and the sacrifice those gone and those with us have made for the freedom of this great nation. 

This year the Department of Humans Services Veterans Affair Director, Wiley Hunter invites the state to participate at the First Annual Veterans Day Event at Sandy Shores Airfield. Starting at 8am the commemorations will run until 8pm with Food and product vendors, entertainment and an airshow by our state’s amazing Siverhawks. The Public Works limited edition ‘Veteran Bear’ will all be available at this incredible event.

This event is being organized by the Veterans Affairs Director who works for the Department of Humans Services.  The Veterans Affairs office offers many services to veterans in our community including addressing concerns of homelessness, PTSD, addiction and other physical and mental health help. 

Wiley Hunter, the director of Veteran Affairs is also the founder of the Compassionate Relief for Veterans (CRV,) which is a non-profit organization in the state dedicated to helping veterans in the Greater San Andreas Community. The CRV is currently working on establishing a physical office on the Del Perro Pier and proceeds from the Veterans Day event will go towards helping the Compassionate Relief for Veterans achieve its many goals of bringing people together and providing a sense of community for those veterans who need it. 

Please attend this great event and help raise money for this very important cause. For more information about the Veteran’s day activities visit their event notice [here]

Take time on the 11th to remember all those who lost their lives in the ultimate sacrifice

Note: Veterans/Remembrance/Armistice Day are all on the 11th of November and are celebrated in different parts of the world i.e. The British Commonwealth. 

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