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“Don’t Travel Solo.” PD’s New Warning After a Series of Kidnappings



MISSION ROW (WZ) — Detectives from the Los Santos Police Department have issued a stark warning after a series of kidnappings have occurred in the state.

Detective Stryker from the Major Crimes Division spoke in a press conference today urging people to not walk alone for the time being after a series of connected kidnappings. These kidnappings were all conducted on opportunity because they were alone.

The kidnappers take their victims to a “remote area and will then proceed to deliver one stab wound before leaving a message with them.”

Common areas where kidnappings have occurred are

  • Carparks
  • Parks
  • Banks
  • The Del Perro Pier

What we Know so far…

Police have said that there are up to four individuals of interest, one is in custody at this time. Two others are known to police. Police also released their names:

  • Bonjobi Shanchez
  • Buzz Baresi

Police have said when they are performing these kidnappings they are wearing costumes and masks, and one may be wearing a trench coat.

  •  “Individuals have been described as wearing a Fox mask, Black Motorcycle Helmet among other disguises.”

A vehicle of interest is a Green Sports 4-Door with a white sports stripe. If you see a vehicle matching this description and “acting suspiciously such as circling the block or approaching unannounced,” call 911 immediately and tell them your location.

As stated, police have one person in custody but will not be releasing their name or any other identifying information. 

Police didn’t mention any motive’s however they did mention a potential hostility towards police

Court Case involving Bonjobi Sanchez.

A court docket was filed this afternoon regarding charges against Bonjobi Sanchez, who was mentioned by police in this press conference. 

The charges alleged are:

  • Second Degree Murder (Attempted x2) (Aggravated x1)

The court docket also alleges that Buzz Baresi was involved. 

The docket also alleges that this incident took place at the Del Perro Pier, which was also mentioned by police in their press conference.

Weazel is seeking further clarification on this court docket.

Full Major Crimes Division Statement

Detectives from the Major Crimes Division are wishing to make people aware of the presence of individuals in the city using the street alias’ of Cannon, Ball, Fuse and Gunpowder. In recent days these individuals have taken a number of citizens hostage, their primary MO is abduction of people travelling alone, pick up locations have been all throughout the city however once in their captivity the victim will be stabbed and a note left.
We encourage all citizens to travel with friends or in a group if possible so as to provide a level of personal safety, we urge citizens to be on the lookout for a Green in color sports car, 4 doors with white racing stripes acting suspiciously such as circling the block or approaching unannounced. Individuals have been described as wearing a Fox mask, Black Motorcycle Helmet among other disguises.
We are also looking for 2 suspects of interest 1 being Bonjobi Sanzhez and the other a Buzz Berasi, we ask people not to attempt vigilante justice and instead to contact 911 if you feel in danger or have information on these individuals.
Released on behalf of Major Crimes Division.

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