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Political Watch, 15th of November



Another week, another Political Watch, so let’s get into it…

Legislation Watch:

H.R. 044, The Protection Under Urgent Threat Act has been signed into law by the Governor.

H.R. 046, Articles of Impeachment against Representative Benning vote has been formally flagged out of accordance  with H.R. 025 because the vote took place before the seven day period had passed.

H.R. 047 was introduced last week,
it has not been voted on at the time of writing this article.

H.R. 048, The Ice Cream for Americans Act, was introduced by Representatives Lawson and Nash.

If passed, it would raise the Universal Basic Income to $70 USD every standard installment period. The UBI currently sits at $40 USD for the same period. 

This bill has not been voted on.

H.R. 049, Speedy Trial Act, was introduced by Representatives Nash and Lawson.

If passed, it would require all indictments to be filed within 48 hours of arrest for all Misdemeanors and Felonies. It would also require any trial to be commenced within 14 days* from the filing of the indictment. 

*there are exceptions on the basis of mutual continuance or other sudden situations

The bill also legislates that a bail hearing (upon request) must be scheduled within 5 days of a judge being assigned to the case after the indictment has been filed. The bill continues on to legislate that any person who is “is found to have been wrongfully charged of a crime and has therefore the charges have been dismissed, dropped by the Department of Justice, or are acquitted; are entitled to $2,500.00 USD per year of incarceration to be collected from the State of San Andreas.”

This bill has not been voted on.

The Criminal Case against Representative Benning

Last week we alerted the public that Representative Benning had been granted bail, however multiple other questions about the case were left unanswered. Last week the prosecution moved that the Presiding Judge be disqualified due to an alleged conflict of interest because of an appointment process. 

As of today the presiding judge has changed with Acting Chief Justice, Elizabeth Williams leaving the case, and Circuit Judge Gerhard von Mannteuffel being appointed to the case. In a brief statement on the docket, Judge Gerhard von Mannteuffel said:

I will read over the current facts of the case and come to a decision if this will continue, or if it will be dismissed. Please be patient as I review this case.

It’s looking ever so likely that we will get a formal result on the motion to dismiss sometime in the near future.

Executive Nominations and Orders

Governor Paxton has been busy since the last edition of Political Watch, with two executive nominations and one executive order being introduced/implemented.

Executive Order 003 – which was introduced on November the 12th implements the following change(s)

  1. As of 12pm (Noon) Eastern Time, the 180 month maximum punishment shall be increased in the Laws and Ordinances from 180 months to 1000 months before approval from a Judge or Justice is necessary.

This change has since come into effect.

New Nomination for the Public Defender’s Office – Kayla Harlaw has been nominated by the Governor to the position of State Public Defender. 

No vote has been conducted on this nominee.

New Nomination for the Circuit Court – Charlotte Avery has been nominated by the Governor to a position on the Circuit Court of San Andreas as a Circuit Court Judge.

No vote has been conducted on this nominee.

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