Benning’s Criminal Case DISMISSED, Impeachment Still Going Ahead



LOS SANTOS (WZ) — The Criminal Case against Representative William Benning has been dismissed with Prejudice, all that’s left for the representative is to beat impeachment.

A landmark decision has been made on the case against Representative William Benning, on the court docket, Judge Gerhard von Mannteuffel said:

I have read the facts and circumstances of this case. I will be dismissing this case with prejudice due to the fact that the arrest made was unlawful. The Rangers were operating outside of their jurisdiction and did not have the authorization to execute the warrant while outside of their jurisdiction.

This has confirmed standing suspicions that the Rangers involved in the arrest of William Benning were acting out of accordance with their jurisdiction. Both the prosecution and the defense made their case for why the Rangers involvement was lawful/unlawful but this decision of the court to dismiss the case with prejudice confirms that the court believes the rangers acted outside of their lawful jurisdiction. 

While the criminal case has been dismissed, Benning’s political career is still at stake with a successful impeachment vote taking place today in the Legislatures 8th session.

We reached out to the Representative and his Lawyers provided a lengthy statement:

We are glad that the Courts of San Andreas decided in favor of ensuring government agencies are held to their regulations and standards as well as ensuring that overzealous government officials like State Attorney Cole Gordon are not able to use their personal feelings to dictate the life and liberty of citizens. Regardless of the District Attorney’s Office’s views, the impartiality of the law reigned true in this matter. However, that does not mean the District Attorney’s Office and State Attorney Gordon should go unpunished. Because of State Attorney Gordon’s reckless, impatient, and fanatical beliefs that he is the chief law enforcement officer of this state, a man spent thousands of months in prison before the courts decided that his arrest was unlawful. He was physically assaulted, had his due process violated, and had his livelihood threatened.

We demand State Attorney Cole Gordon’s immediate resignation and if he is not willing to step down voluntarily, we ask Governor Paxton to dismiss him from his position. He has forever tainted the District Attorney’s Office’s reputation, strained the relationship that they hold with other law enforcement agencies, and shown that he is fully incapable of running and controlling his own department. This can be clearly seen not just in this matter but also in the actions of his assistant district attorneys who have shown that they believe themselves to be above the law, courts, and the citizens they claim to represent.

Regardless, Castillo & Underwood Law Group has its full attention turned to the political circus and impeachment trial of Representative Benning. Even now, we can see the prejudice against Representative Benning when the representatives who introduced the bill voted less than 72 hours after it was introduced. This was a complete and total violation of H.R. 025 which forces the legislature to wait a full week before voting can happen. The representatives even admitted to doing exactly that after Castillo & Underwood Law Group brought this to the attention of Governor Paxton.

This impeachment has no basis whatsoever and we demand the House of Representatives end this useless charade against Representative Benning by dismissing H.R. 046. If they fail to do so, their lies about representing the true will of the people will be clear and apparent. This witch hunt will always be remembered as those in power attempt to circumvent the power of the citizens who voted in Representative Benning to dutifully represent them. Should the House of Representatives not dismiss H.R. 046 and respect the people’s will, we call on the US Congress to veto this impeachment and ensure the balance of the State of San Andreas is preserved.

Castillo & Underwood Law Group

Just to be clear, the Legislature did vote before 7 days had passed, however a second lawful vote has been completed and has passed with a vote of 4 to 1. Benning’s lawyers do make a point at how rushed this situation has been. Typically impeachment follows a criminal trial, or is followed by a criminal trial, typically they don’t go hand in hand from the starting line, which is what we have seen here. Regardless of the Criminal trials outcome, and in this case it has been dismissed, a vote of impeachment isn’t a vote of guilt until the Impeachment Trial. 

We have also contacted Cole Gordon for comment on the statement above which asks for his immediate resignation or dismissal from his position. At the time of writing we are yet to receive a response.

So far we have had no word on the impeachment trial or what is going to happen now the vote has been successfully conducted.

Stay with Weazel as we bring you more on this ongoing situation. 

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